The reaping… Of my goods !

Here is an ice cold glass of my first one-gallon – brew-in-a bag wheat beer. It was a little acidic… But definitely drinkable.. And tasted way better than BMC cheap stuff ( in my opinion) no doubt it will be refreshing after a long day of fighting off zombies and scavenging for supplies.



How I started brewing at home!

This article  is the exact recipe/set up I used to get started with home made / craft beer  brewing!

My first one gallon batch was delicious (probably because I made it myself and refuse to believe other wise) and I now have upgraded to a three gallon / all grain/fullboil set up.

Bobby Adair Slow Burn

Ok. I have read thru the first four books. Two were free. Two were paid for. The books were ok. Not to many typos and indie-common-place mistakes.

I have them on my kindle if you need to borrow them. (Message me here)

The story was typical for a zombie/infection series. In book three there was one action scene that droned on for 20 pages (on kindle paperwhite). Ugggg

I really like zombie books… I have read 50 or so… They all seem to start reading the same. If you know of a good zombie book that’s a bit unusual or takes a different approach post it here!